Vikings are harsh northern people. The poor lands yielded miserable crops, so they did not develop with agriculture. Good navigators, strong and fearless warriors, the Vikings instilled fear wherever their Drakkars could swim. Trade became a concomitant occupation for their predatory raids. All the coastal cities from Shetland to Africa knew that if the Drakkars appeared in the distance, expect trouble. Such great cities as Rouen, Toulouse, Hamburg and Paris were taken and looted. Neither walls, nor moats, nor great knights could resist form the northern warriors, for whom victory and death were a joy. Trophies or Valhalla – this choice can be done calmly with your eyes closed. But …

Once upon a time the bloody raids of the Vikings throughout Europe have become disgusted for gods. They sent disasters for the first Danish king and his subjects. In order to educate unlucky people, Odin opened the gates in the world of people. Creatures that had not been seen before on Earth, spread to the lands of the Vikings. Towns and villages were simply ruined, monsters drowned the Drakkars and left to appear in a new unexpected place. Vikings tried to pursue them, but the monsters came and left not by sea and not by land. Unable to defeat the enemy in open battle, the Vikings fortified in free-standing citadels. This allowed them to at least control the territory.

Forced seclusion did not make the Vikings happy, the soul of the travelers and warriors languished in idleness. Fear of dying from sitting in the cold and damp was more than a fear of death. The appearance of the enemy gave a joyous revival from the gray routine. Warriors left the walls to meet the death, and waiting for the Valkyrie will carry him to Valhalla. Every day he will be finght to death with his friends and great warriors of the past, and after will be drinking without measure fresh beer, eating a boar, celebrating the massacre and discussing its details.

Odin did not just organize this eternal feast for the great warriors. Once upona  time the seer Velva predicted Ragnarok, the day of the end of the world. For this last battle, Odin prepared the Einherjars warriors, who at the appointed time will leave the hall through the 540 doors, and through each door there will be 800. With the troubles of the Vikings, the stream of warriors to Valhalla flowed as a wide river . Such a pleasant surprise strengthened Odin that it is right decision.

The only god of Asgard, Baldur, great not only with his wisdom, but also with boundless kindness, understood the mistake of such decision. He was decided to restore the world balance, directing people to victory over the dark forces. To do this, he enlisted the support of the cunning Loki. Him promised to release from Valhalla and hand over to the command of the Baldr a squad of the Great Einherjars, who, would joined the army of people, and force the demons to return to their worlds.