Stamina and Tavern

How is it works: When you go throught the Mission from one Key Point to another, Stamina is decreasing. If the Character’s Health level falls below 0, the character does not die. Subsequent damage is removed from Stamina. When you heal a character in tha battle, it’s regains his Health, but not Stamina. Stamina recover¬†in…

Health Points

Health points is always hight in the begining of the mission. In combat, the enemy deals damage that reduces the amount of HP. It can be restored with the magic or supplies. If HP has fallen down to 0, it does not mean that everything is lost. Then comes the time to live by the…


Trinket is a magical accessory. He is hiding in waist bags or on the rope under heroe’s shirt. This little thing has great power. Having a suitable set of amulets can make the life of the hero considerably more comfortable


Armor protects the character from Physical damage. The effect of armor is based on a reliable principle. Armor reduces damage by a certain amount. However, as we know, a blow on the armored jacket still gives pain.


Outfit is vital to the character. With your bare hands it is not possible to catch an arrow or to beat off an ax with your trained chest. But armor is powerless against magic. Equipment has requirements and qualities. The requirements determine which characteristics of the character must be sufficiently strong in order to take…