Armor protects the character from Physical damage. The effect of armor is based on a reliable principle. Armor reduces damage by a certain amount. However, as we know, a blow on the armored jacket still gives pain.


Outfit is vital to the character. With your bare hands it is not possible to catch an arrow or to beat off an ax with your trained chest. But armor is powerless against magic. Equipment has requirements and qualities. The requirements determine which characteristics of the character must be sufficiently strong in order to take…



Stocky Gunnar used to be a woodcutter. He was very fond of trees. Especially young and slender. He made spears of them. Why did he needs so many spears? Geirr is very fond of knight tournaments. He participates in them without a horse, but this does not prevent him from picking out from the saddle…



The bear eats raspberries, but can eat a wild boar. This is our Bjorn. He fought with dozens of strong Britons, crushed the heads and walls of the castles. He raised a rebellion against his king, rose against the army of berserkers to protect the little girl. He is kind, but strong.

Ole Pole

A tender flower, grown on stones. Parents wanted a son, but it so happened that a daughter was born. Ole’s name came from Olaf. Parents dreamed about a great warrior. But from an early age a fragile sweet girl did not show any abilities in the war arts. Even on the farm, she looked ridiculous.…



Who threw to the ground bully Bjorn?
Artful Sigrid, beautiful Sigrid
Who had drunk Gunnar’s beer through the straw?
Cunning Sigrid, thief Sigrid
Who had eaten spice of grandfather Bjartr
Clever Sigrid, curious Sigrid
Who had fought with Ole and caught fire?
Brave Sigrid, stupid Sigrid


Combat Skills of the Character are given to him initially, the Player can not develop the skills. The combat skill can only work from certain positions and attack targets at the certain positions. Skills are: Attackers – skill that reduced the amount of HP, can be: Instant damage Damage during several moves Damage to multiple…


Base Stats

The basic characteristics are:

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Magic
  • Health

When the level increases, the Character gains the Experience Points, which he distributes for enhance of important parameters for his class. This will increase its Secondary stats and Resistances, and also allow you to take new items of Equipment


Characters in the game are divided into the Heroes and Enemies.

Each Character has a set of parameters that are given to him initially:

Basic Characteristics

Secondary Characteristics



The Character also has an equipment that can be changed, enhancing the Character