Build 0.2.91a

Build 0.2.91a What’s new: Added: – Bosses. Someone of them are big and strong – Rewards for quests – A lot of new interface functions – A new mecanics and game object – a scroll of clairvoyance – Some quests changed and some added new Fixed: – item generation errors (like armor with defence=0) –…

Build 0.1.79a – new AI

– Significantly changed and improved the logic of the NPC’s behavior. Now they use different approaches to the choice of goals; – Changed and improved the skills of characters; – Added mechanics of increasing / decreasing aggression. Now the attractiveness for the attacking is not just the build-up, equipment and state of the characters, but…

Build 0.1.25a

What’s new:

  • Added Mechanics of Stamina
  • In the City have opened the Tavern
  • Essential changes in the game balance because of Stamina
  • Fixed bugs associated with the maps generation. Now the quests for the territory survey are working correctly.
  • Old game saves unfortunately will not work due to significant structural changes.

Build 0.1.22a

  Build 1.22 List of updates :   Added the long-awaited displaying stats of the enemy and inactive character. Clicking on the icon in the queue, on the character, and even the character at the time of applying the skill, you can see its stats and currently hanging effects. Accordingly, when you click on the…