How is it works:
  • When you go throught the Mission from one Key Point to another, Stamina is decreasing.
  • If the Character’s Health level falls below 0, the character does not die. Subsequent damage is removed from Stamina.
  • When you heal a character in tha battle, it’s regains his Health, but not Stamina.
  • Stamina recover in the Tavern
    Management in the Tavern:


  • Below you see the Characters whose Stamina is incomplete. These are the characters currently in the Long house or in the Active group.
  • Tap on the Character shows  you the level of Stamina and time of recovering.
  • If there there are 2 visitors – the rest time will be doubled.
  • You can speed up rest of any caracter for crystals. Aslo every mission will reduce time by one hour.
  • After the resting the characters will return to the Long House.


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